Open Arms: the law of the sea – with introduction of Oscar Camp

Director: Marcel Barrena
Genre: Dramjatic
Year: 2021
Country: Spain, Greece
Duration: 109 minutes

Festival: Festa del Cinema di Roma 2021 (Audience Award)

Autumn 2015. Two spanish lifeguards, Òscar and Gerard, are moved by the heartbreaking photo of a child drowned in the Mediterranean.  They go to the island of Lesbos where they find a shocking reality:  everyday thousands of people risk their lives trying to sail the sea aboard precarious boats in order to flee poverty and the wars that afflict their home countires. What is most disconcerting is that nobody is carrying out rescue activities. Together with Esther, Nico and the other members of their team, Òscar and Gerard will fight to fulfill the work not performed by the authorities and to bring to thousands of people the help they desperatly need. From Òscar Camp’s real story, the founder of Open Arms.


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14-05-2022 | 21:00 to

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