Festival Sabir

Sabir Festival is a widespread event and a space to reflect on Mediterranean cultures in Europe’s symbolic places. Its eighth edition will take place in Matera, after the previous ones who were held in  Lampedusa (1-5 October 2014), Pozzallo (11-15 May 2016), Siracusa (11-14 May 2017), Palermo (11-14 October 2018), Lecce (16-18 May 2019 and 28-30 Ottobre 2021) and the online edition in June 2020. The Festival is promoted by ARCI together with Caritas Italiana, ACLI e CGIL, in collaboration with ASGI and Carta di Roma. 

The formula

The Festival formula is the same that over the year has brought great involvment giving moments of sharing, international sociality and insight into themens that engage the idea of  the Mediterranean as a place of peace, sharing, sustainable development, rights and social justice. International meetings and seminars alternate with cultural activities, theatrical and musical events, book presentations and film screenings.  The presence of representatives of civil society on both sides of the Mediterranean and international networks will enhance the comparison from different points of view highlighting unified proposals. 

The topics

The Festival will focus in particular on the most recent crisis in Ukraine and Afghanistan and how the EU handled different conflicts. Sabir is a place where civil society sides with the victims and against all the oppressors. Discussing the issues that the war in Ukraine and the world’s crisis pose, we want to reaffirm the importance of people and their rights, regardless of their nationality. 

The attendance

This edition will  be held in accordance with anti-Covid regulations but it also will ensure an online streaming of the main meetings in order not to penalise the people who will not have the opportunity to attend  in person the Festival. In order to ensure the safety of everyone.