Personal story

Theatre Company Bottega degli Apocrifi.

From a story by Mamadou Diakité
collaboration in rewriting as a tale by Stefania Marrone and Mamadou Diakité.

A personal story, like those you experience on the train, at the queue at the post office or in a waiting room.. everytime someone is willing to listen and eventually discovers how much our lives differ from the lives of others, and how similar are the emotions, the needs and the instinct that guides us.

We imagined a symbolic event for a few spectators at a time, because in order to tell your own life you need intimacy to overcome distances.

Mamadou Diakité is a young citizen of Ivory Coast who has set out “without a reason”: there was no war in his country, he wasn’t persecuted, he even had something to eat everyday!
Mamadou’s story is bold and arrogant, and tells about a young man who simply thought to have the right to follow his dreams. It’s a long story that starts with the encounter with the smartes smuggler in Africa: Sita the saleswoman.
The ticket of his journey costs 1 euro: sometimes this is how little the life of someone seems to cost, but just as little it takes to return it the value it deserves.


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14-05-2022 | 18:30 to

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